Rise n' Shine Movie Synopsis

This is a true story of hope and triumph of the human spirit told in the first person by a real life hero who survives a horrendous series of unthinkable events. At age ten, while at a friend’s sleep-over, Ralina Miller was brutally raped and infected with HIV-AIDS. At age twelve, she battled thoughts of suicide but her strong spirit prevailed with the help of Janet L. Trinkus, founder of an organization for children and teens affected by HIV-AIDS. Through their work in a pioneering support group known as “Magic Circle,” these two extraordinary women show us that love is the most powerful magic of all, and the magic is real.

The film follows Ralina’s journey from despair to hope. Over a twenty year span, we witness her transformation into a quiet inspirational leader by overcoming many obstacles and doing what many said she could not and would not do. As an ancient proverb teaches, “Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero's heart.”

Whether or not you or a loved-one are faced with surviving a brutal rape, HIV-AIDS, or other life challenges, there is a message of hope and inspiration found in this story. By connecting you to other people facing life’s challenges head-on, this short film will uplift your spirits and may even motivate you to volunteer for a cause, or take other action, no matter how small it may seem.